Game 2 reactions! How did Devin Booker manage to pop off while Chris Paul took a back seat? Can Giannis continue to go Super Saiyan for the rest of the games in Milwaukee?

On this week's episode, Peter and Raj talk about all the injuries that are taking over the league with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Trae Young, and Clint Capela becoming the latest victims. 

Injury talk (0:30)

Bucks stinks the bed in game 4 against the Hawks (8:15)

Clippers drags out to game 6 without Zubac against the Suns (18:30)

After a short hiatus, Peter and Rajan are back to talk about everything conference finals and an absolutely atrocious 76ers meltdown! The Sixers fell to the Atlanta Hawks in 7 games, after multiple no-show performances by Ben Simmons while his running mate, Joel Embiid, was out there with a partially torn meniscus. We take a look at the Hawks and Bucks, who will square off in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Clippers-Suns series in the West.

Editor's Note: Join us in congratulating new baby daddy, our co-host Josh Cohen!

Sixers crushing defeat (2:00)

Bucks take down the Nets in game 7 OT (13:30)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks (18:30)

Clippers dominate Jazz in 6 games (27:00)

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns (32:30)

On this week's episode, the guys break down the 2nd round playoff match ups! From Luka Dončić and Kawhi Leonard's incredible game 7 performances to the current Clippers-Jazz match up, the Bucks falling 2-0 to the Brooklyn Nets, Trae Young leading the Hawks to a 1-1 series tie with the Sixers, and the Nuggets falling short to the Suns 1-0. Oh and we didn't forget, congrats to Nikola Jokić on winning the MVP award!

Jokic MVP (3:00)

LA Clippers vs. Utah Jazz - Wayoff P arises (5:00)

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets - Bucks spanking(20:45)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Philadelphia 76ers - Trae vs. Joel (34:15)

Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns - Chris Paul takeover (44:15)

Stats Corner (51:00)


We recorded this episode on Thursday afternoon before the Nuggets and Suns win. But we did make some predictions for the games!

On this week's episode, the guys talk about how the Clippers came out heavy-footed against the Mavericks, and then gave our previews for Bucks-Nets and Hawks-Sixers. And in one of the strangest stories of the year, we talked about Danny Ainge stepping down and Brad Stevens getting a massive promotion!

Mavericks-Clippers Game 5 (2:00)

Bucks-Nets Preview! (15:30)

Hawks-Sixers (27:15)

Boston Celtics front office change (37:30)

Nuggets and Suns predictions! (40:30)

Stats Corner (45:15)

On today's episode, we take a look at the round 1 series' from the East and West coast! Josh, Peter, and Raj discuss whether the Clippers have any chance of coming back against Dallas, how severe Chris Paul's stinger is, and what adjustments the Heat can make against the Bucks!

Clippers angered the basketball gods (5:30)

Chris Paul's stinger killing the Suns (19:00)

Nets ready to sweep the Celtics (30:00)

Bucks up 2-0 against the Heat! (32:30)

Nuggets and Blazers are all tied up (41:00)

As we continue focusing on exemplifying talent of Asian descent in the basketball world, we spoke with Nelson Campana (@Nelcam), social media creative producer with MLSE. Nelson demonstrates what talent and networking can do for you. He’s the classic case of a dude who had a passion and talent, got noticed, and then grinded his way to his position. If you’ve seen any coverage from the Raptors championship run in 2019, you’ve definitely seen his work. We spoke to him about his start with MLSE, covering the championship run, and some of the best arenas across the league. 

We've finally reached the coveted play-in tournament! Peter and Raj manage to get Josh on the phone from a yacht in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to talk about the newest version of the play-in tournament and the solidified playoff matchups that we've got to look at. 

Play in tournament (2:30)

Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks (24:30)

Atlanta Hawks vs. New York Knicks (31:00)

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Denver Nuggets (36:30)

Dallas Mavericks vs. Los Angeles Clippers (39:30)

Stats Corner (44:30)

On today's episode, Josh, Peter, and Raj are back looking at some of the craziest play-in tournament and playoff matchups that we could have this year. Is LeBron tanking so he could get the 8th spot so he can avoid the Clippers and Suns in the 2nd round? Are the Heat going to be contenders for the title again, and are the Bucks finally for real? We take a look at all these questions, while looking at the Jaylen Brown injury and stats corner!

  • Jaylen Brown injury and the Celtics in shambles (3:00)
  • Playoff matchups and the play-in tournament (13:00)
  • This or That segment (29:30)
  • Stats Corner (38:20)

On today’s episode, we speak with Josh Fan (@Jwafan), NBA skills development coach. In continuing with our Asian Heritage recognition month, we speak with Josh about his time as an NBA skills coach for Jeremy Lin (@jlin7), who we all obviously know. Josh has traveled to multiple NBA cities such as Houston, LA, and Charlotte as well as a year in the CBA to help Jeremy’s game progress. Josh is one of the few Asian skills coaches in the league, and we were fortunate to discuss with him his entry into the league, what he tries to focus on at this point, and some of the most important lessons he’s learned around the league. This conversation gave us real insight into the day to day training regiment that players go through and the work that’s needed for high levels of success.

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