The fellas are back to close off the free agency discussion with the breaking news of DeAndre Ayton's (unfortunate?) return to the Phoenix Suns. Followed up by the inevitable Donovan Mitchell move to the Knicks and a couple of surprising teams this offseason.


DeAndre Ayton has not left the chat (1:45)

Does Donovan Mitchell have an Empire State of Mind? (14:00)

Denver Nuggets getting stronger (25:30)

Raj's fumble leads to inevitable Lakers talk (33:00)

San Antonio joins the tankathon (35:15)

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The guys are finally reunited after a few weeks away from the podcast and they're talking all about free agency. Unlike past years, this year's free agency was dominated by major trades like the Rudy Gobert and Dejounte Murray moves. The guys break down major trades, and of course, the Kevin Durant trade request. 

Catching up, what have we all been up to? (0:30)

Rudy Gobert is ready to take Minnesota to the finals (6:00)

The Hawks building the back court with Dejounte Murray (19:00)

Did you know Malcolm Brogdon got traded to Boston? (26:00)

Kevin Durant wants out of Brooklyn, surprise surprise (37:30)

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We're finally here at the conference finals! The guys break down how the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks blew their chances, and what we can expect from the remaining Final Four!

Dallas Mavericks vs. Golden State Warriors (1:15)

Phoenix Suns collapse (15:00)

Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat (25:30)

Stats Corner (45:00)

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On this week's episode, the guys take a look at the Miami-Philadelphia series and James Harden's 1 in every 5 good games! Then they move out west to the Phoenix-Dallas series that looks like the Suns are really wearing down Luka!

  • Philadelphia's collapse behind Harden and Embiid (2:00)
  • Chris Paul chills while Phoenix takes Dallas to town (17:30)
  • Can Memphis survive the Golden State barrage? (32:00)
  • Boston and Milwaukee is completely unpredictable (37:30)

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After some time away from the podcast, the guys are back taking in the second round of the playoffs in all its glory. From Joel Embiid's broken face to Luka-Magic getting slowed down by the Suns, the guys break down each of the series and take a look at who amongst the remaining 8 are the real title contenders.

  • Philadelphia 76ers vs. Miami Heat (2:00)
  • Dallas Mavericks vs. Phoenix Suns (19:00)
  • Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics (35:30)
  • Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies (40:45)

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PLAYOFFS, BABY!! We finally made it to the playoffs and the guys are here breaking down each series! We talk about the play-in games and then the match ups that have been solidified already.

Eastern Conference Play-In Tournament (4:00)

Western Conference Play-In Tournament (17:15)

Chicago Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks (26:00)

Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers (33:00)

Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State Warriors (45:45)

Utah Jazz vs. Dallas Mavericks (57:00)

Stats Corner (1:07:00)

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On this week's episode, the guys run through a bunch of different topics but primarily look at the Boston Celtics losing Robert Williams III for the foreseeable future and what the Jimmy Butler-Erik Spoelstra confrontation means for the team.

  • Raptors talk (2:00)
  • What the Williams injury means for Celtics playoff implication? (4:30)
  • How do the Heat rally after this Butler confrontation with Coach Spo on the bench (16:30)
  • Booker’s candidacy for MVP? (29:45)
  • Lakers may miss the play in tournament all together (34:00)
  • Paul George return after 3 months of injury (41:00)
  • Stats Corner (48:15)

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The guys are back this week to talk about teams that have made the best moves of the season. From off season acquisitions like DeMar DeRozan to in-season movement like Ben Simmons, we take a look at some of the teams that have really excelled past their expectations. 

How horrible are the Sacramento Kings? (1:30)

Will someone please talk about the Phoenix Suns dominance (4:00)

Minnesota Timberwolves have a winning team! (18:45)

The Brooklyn Nets can play Kyrie Irving full time (30:00)

Can Lonzo Ball get healthy for the Chicago Bulls (40:00)

Did LeBron scheme this awful team to pad his own stats (48:50)

Stats Corner (53:00)

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On this week's episode, the guys look at a few of the surging teams and their realistic ceilings for the playoffs. Can the Celtics make the finals, will the Grizzlies continue to be the best story of the year?

Boston Celtics catching hot at the right time (1:45)

How can the Raptors muck it up? (11:45)

Will the Memphis Grizzlies youth hold up? (20:45)

Dallas Mavericks trim the fat (31:45)

Los Bulls from the Windy City (39:30)

Stats Corner (46:30)

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On this week's episode, the guys look at James Harden's magical recovery from mysterious hand and hamstring injuries, Chris Paul's injury, and how far the Boston Celtics can go this playoffs.

James Harden's magical recovery in Philadelphia (4:45)

Boston Celtics en fuego (21:30)

Does Chris Paul's injury slow down the Suns too much? (32:15)

Stats Corner (45:45)

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