The guys are back from a Thanksgiving hiatus (Even though we're Canadian) and ready to talk some hoops! We're about a quarter of the way through the NBA season and we try to keep it positive by talking about teams that have been a pleasant surprise thus far. Swaying away from the typical Lakers, Nets, and Raptors talk, we're here showing love to some lesser known teams.

The Dallas Mavericks remain in NBA purgatory (6:00)

Indiana Pacers catching everybody offguard (19:00)

The BeamTeam in Sacramento shines strong (29:00)

Stats Corner (40:15)

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On this week's episode, we take a look at some of the teams we thought would do better coming out of the gates. Are the Timberwolves doomed with this twin towers line up that they're putting out, while the Mavericks are unable to find any trust in someone not named Luka? Plus we share our thoughts on the Myles Turner press tour and shoutout to Slava Medvedenko for everything he's doing in the Ukraine!

  • Fried chicken talk (1:30)
  • Timberwolves falling off (6:00)
  • Luka slowing down (25:00)
  • Myles Turner sales pitch to the Lakers (41:15)
  • Stats Corner (46:30) Continue Reading »

We've already looked at teams that we're worried about, and this week we're looking at the top dogs! The best teams in the league are pretty much what we expected with an unlikely team cleaning out the list, in the Utah Jazz!

  • How the Raptors will cope with Pascal Siakam’s injury (0:30)
  • The Bucks dominance continues (6:45)
  • 3 minutes on Kyrie (14:00)
  • The flowing Cleveland Cavaliers (17:00)
  • The Phoenix Suns are scorching (29:45)
  • The Utah Jazz lead the way (37:00)
  • Stats Corner (42:00)

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It's our 200th episode!! To celebrate, we look at some of the teams that we had high hopes for but have come out of the gate a little slow

  • Is the Raptors offense holding them back? (4:00)
  • Kawhi’s load management affecting team culture (12:30)
  • The Heat look a little off (25:45)
  • Warriors have the Championship hangover (34:30)
  • Nuggets still recovering (40:30)
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The season has finally begun and we're all glued to the screen! Whether its from House of Highlights or ESPN, the first week of the NBA season has been super fun to follow and to react to. The guys are here bringing their best over reactions of the early season.

  • What's going on in Lala Land (1:30)
  • Are the Philadelphia 76ers screwed?  (5:00)
  • Are the Miami Heat burnt out? (14:00)
  • Do the Kings have chance of getting better? (19:00)
  • What is Paolo Banchero’s ceiling? (24:45)
  • Stats Corner (32:50)


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On this week's episode, we hit 5 burning questions!

  • Charles Barkley extension with Turner (2:30)
  • Golden State Warriors letting go of Draymond Green? (5:15)
  • Who's your lowkey team/player that you're high on? (20:25)
  • Which team(s) are you going to avoid watching this year? (43:30)
  • Which returning star as you most excited to see? (50:00)


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The fellas are back doing the annual over/unders for the Eastern Conference! Can the Celtics rally behind their offseason losses and get the best record in the East? What does Vegas have in store for the 76ers? And how good, really, are the Toronto Raptors?

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The guys are back this week taking a deep look into the Ime Udoka situation with the Boston Celtics. They follow it up with an in-depth look at the Over/Unders of the Western Conference via the Action Network!


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WE ARE BACK! The fellas are finally back after a nice little summer hiatus and they're full throttle, just like a Rico Hines run. The guys take a look at the KD saga in Brooklyn, what the Patrick Beverley trade means for Russell Westbrook and some of the best stories going into the year. All that to be followed up by everyone's favourite segment: Hoops Corner 

*EDITOR'S NOTE: Please excuse our inconsistent audio, we had some issues with Zoom but it's been fixed and we'll be back to regular next week!*

Kevin Durant trade saga (2:00)

Patrick Beverley makes his way to LA (14:00)

LA Clippers as Championship contenders (18:45)

The Pelicans ceiling (27:15)

The Timberwolves Twin Towers experiment (40:00)

Stats Corner (48:00)

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The fellas are back to close off the free agency discussion with the breaking news of DeAndre Ayton's (unfortunate?) return to the Phoenix Suns. Followed up by the inevitable Donovan Mitchell move to the Knicks and a couple of surprising teams this offseason.


DeAndre Ayton has not left the chat (1:45)

Does Donovan Mitchell have an Empire State of Mind? (14:00)

Denver Nuggets getting stronger (25:30)

Raj's fumble leads to inevitable Lakers talk (33:00)

San Antonio joins the tankathon (35:15)

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