On today's episode, we discuss the western conference X-Factors! Not the biggest superstars, but the guys' who's performances will elevate their team to the next level. Can a superstar and future Hall of Famer like Russell Westbrook elevate the Lakers back to title contention?

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Everyone who watched basketball in the mid 2000s will remember the Gatorade X-Factor, a player who will need to have a big game to push his team to victory. We take a look at the X-Factors for teams across the Eastern Conference, by looking at players who are not the superstars or top tier players on their teams, but guys that the team needs to be victorious! 

Again in popular fashion, we were hit with a huge ShamsBomb towards the end of our recording and you get our live reaction to the firing of Gersson Rosas by the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Let the gambling continue with this year's Western Conference over/unders! The biggest questions are based on LeBron and Russell Westbrook's chemistry on the Lakers, if the Jazz can continue their regular season dominance, and where oh where will Ben Simmons land? We talk about these issues and more, and try to answer the the most important questions: will the team go over or under their win total projections!

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With the NBA season quickly approaching, we're here looking at the Eastern Conference over/unders! Will the Hawks over-perform expectations again, will the Nets be able to stay healthy enough to get over 55.5 wins, will the Bucks succumb to the Championship hangover? And of course, what is going in in Philadelphia with the Ben Simmons situation? These are all questions we tackle in our over/unders discussion!

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After taking our own offseason, the guys are back to talk about all the biggest winners and losers of the offseason! Some teams made some huge moves to elevate themselves, but others stood still and continue to dig their own grave. Tune in to check out what Josh, Peter, and Rajan think about teams like Bulls and Pelicans!

Miami Heat sign Lowry and Tucker (4:45)

Chicago Bulls go all offence (10:30)

Washington Wizards go big (18:15)

Minnesota Timberwolves sit still (21:30)

New Orleans Pelicans wasting Zion's talent (28:30)

Portland Trail Blazers (35:00)

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After a slight hiatus, we're back! We welcome back the newest dad to the pod Josh Cohen, with features from the little baby, herself. We hit all the major free agent movements from Kyle Lowry, Lonzo Ball, and Chris Paul, all the way to the lesser focused players like Kelly Olynyk and Evan Fournier. After an hour of talking about free agents, we deduced that the Knicks will always be the Knicks, Shams has impeccable timing for PJ Tucker (and for us), and suddenly agents are getting a lot of shine in the twitter reports this year, sources tell us at the Hoops Corner.

Game 2 reactions! How did Devin Booker manage to pop off while Chris Paul took a back seat? Can Giannis continue to go Super Saiyan for the rest of the games in Milwaukee?

On this week's episode, Peter and Raj talk about all the injuries that are taking over the league with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Trae Young, and Clint Capela becoming the latest victims. 

Injury talk (0:30)

Bucks stinks the bed in game 4 against the Hawks (8:15)

Clippers drags out to game 6 without Zubac against the Suns (18:30)

After a short hiatus, Peter and Rajan are back to talk about everything conference finals and an absolutely atrocious 76ers meltdown! The Sixers fell to the Atlanta Hawks in 7 games, after multiple no-show performances by Ben Simmons while his running mate, Joel Embiid, was out there with a partially torn meniscus. We take a look at the Hawks and Bucks, who will square off in the Eastern Conference Finals, and the Clippers-Suns series in the West.

Editor's Note: Join us in congratulating new baby daddy, our co-host Josh Cohen!

Sixers crushing defeat (2:00)

Bucks take down the Nets in game 7 OT (13:30)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Milwaukee Bucks (18:30)

Clippers dominate Jazz in 6 games (27:00)

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Phoenix Suns (32:30)

On this week's episode, the guys break down the 2nd round playoff match ups! From Luka Dončić and Kawhi Leonard's incredible game 7 performances to the current Clippers-Jazz match up, the Bucks falling 2-0 to the Brooklyn Nets, Trae Young leading the Hawks to a 1-1 series tie with the Sixers, and the Nuggets falling short to the Suns 1-0. Oh and we didn't forget, congrats to Nikola Jokić on winning the MVP award!

Jokic MVP (3:00)

LA Clippers vs. Utah Jazz - Wayoff P arises (5:00)

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Brooklyn Nets - Bucks spanking(20:45)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Philadelphia 76ers - Trae vs. Joel (34:15)

Denver Nuggets vs. Phoenix Suns - Chris Paul takeover (44:15)

Stats Corner (51:00)

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