On today's episode, we look at the last week of mayhem in the NBA! From the Harden-Simmons deal to Daniel Theis' return to Boston, the guys look at the winners and losers of all the trades from the past week.


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And we're back this week with everyone's favourite mid-season activity, arguing over all-star selections! Before the coaches and players get their say, we slide in our picks for this year's all-stars and almost all-stars with a couple of surprise choices. 

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With the trade deadline quickly approaching and all players now eligible to be traded, we've officially kicked off trade season and there are plenty of players who will be on the move. We take a look at players like Ben Simmons (surprise, surprise...), Jerami Grant, and Russell Westbrook and their potential trade destinations.


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On this week's episode, we talk about the major comebacks from Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving to their respective teams. SPOILER ALERT: Kyrie hasn't missed a beat and Klay apparently got hops during his 900+ days away from the court. 

We take a look at the surging Memphis Grizzlies, the Cam Reddish hustle by the New York Knicks, and everyone's favourite hometown Raptors.

Lakers woes with Russell Westbrook (1:00)
Cam Reddish given to the Knicks (4:00)
Kyrie and Klay comebacks (15:00)
Grizzlies trash talking themselves into a double digit win streak (24:30)
Surging hometown Toronto Raptors (33:00)
Stats Corner (35:30)


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Is it too late for us to say Happy New Year? Well hopefully it'll be a happy new year for a few teams that we think can use some constructive new years resolutions! We take a look at a few separate teams and give them their resolutions for the rest of the season to focus on.

Los Angeles Lakers need to manage Russell Westbrook down the stretch (5:15)

The Atlanta Hawks need to start caring about games again (14:30)

The Bing Bong Knicks need Julius Randle to get it together (24:15)

Stats Corner (34:00)

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On this week's episode, we get hyped up for the upcoming Christmas Day games! We talk about our wishes for the Christmas Day games, and for the rest of the year. We look at the issues in Dallas and how their roster could be upgraded to help Luka, how Indiana can improve by trading one or two of the big men, and how swell it is to have the Lakers where they are now.


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On this week's episode, we're down a man as Rajan is enjoying his time on a beach while Josh and Peter are stuck trying to figure out what to do with health and safety protocols for the NBA. The two talk about what the league will have to do with seemingly more and more players entering H&S protocols and games will begin to get cancelled again, superstars showing up to the season overweight, the Utah Jazz's under-covered rise and change in offense, and  how the BelieveLand Cavaliers have taken the league by storm. 

Health and Safety Protocols ravaging locker rooms (1:00)

Zion Williamson and Luka Dončić need to take offseason training more seriously (14:00)

Is the Utah Jazz for real? (27:30)

The BelieveLand Cavaliers are here to stay (35:15)

Stats Corner (43:30)

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We're about 25% into the season this year and we're seeing a slew of injuries taking over the league! We take a look at some of the biggest headlines, injuries, and of course, John Wall going against the grain trying to get back on the court. We try to figure out why the Trail Blazers are so bad, and what the ceiling of the Minnesota Timberwolves really is.

Kemba Walker out of the Knicks rotation (4:20)

Michael Porter Jr. out for the year for Denver (10:45)

Bam Adebayo's thumb injury derails the Miami Heat's run (18:00)

Damian Lillard's abdominal injury hurts the Trail Blazers core (24:15)

Minnesota Timberwolves have a new star in Anthony Edwards (33:45)

Stats Corner (40:15)


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On this week's episode, the guys take a look at the some storylines in the league and debate if they're real or fake! Are the Washington Wizards really primed for a playoff seed this year, are the Denver Nuggets really contenders?

Are the Washington Wizards for real? (4:30)

Can the Denver Nuggets contend for the title? (16:30)

Is DeMar DeRozan really a MVP candidate? (24:00)

Is Jayson Tatum over hyped? (33:30)

Stats Corner (42:45)

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On this week's episode, Raj has bone to pick with Brian Windhorst's analysis of the new refereeing in the NBA this year. We deep dive into why the Mavericks are so mediocre, and why the Trail Blazers have been so awful to start the year. Combine that with even more trouble brewing in Boston, and this episode turned into looking at what similarities these struggling teams have in common with one another! 

Raj on Brian Windhorst (2:00)

What's going on in Dallas? (6:00)

Why is Portland struggling so much (21:30)

Marcus Smart is upset in Boston (33:40)

Stats Corner (46:30)


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